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Clayton Haugen

2019 Calendar (Pre-Sale)

$ 24.99
The year is 2025, after the cataclysmic failed attempt to digitally merge the human consciousness with social media platforms, the world has been left to rot in the wake of manifesting it's own collective unconscious, an event which became known as the Jungian Singularity.
What little remains of humanity exists as rabid tribes of nomadic savages whom wage an endless resource war over the resurrection of the internet, and the hopeful day that "Jane" and her infinite incarnations can salvage the contaminated timelines of the multiverse, and restore the human consciousness to the neolithic era... where it can hopefully not make the same mistakes we did.
It's all out wasteland warfare in this year's concept calendar, it's no restraints, and no shortage of the surreal and absurd.

November 26, 2018 UPDATE

Well sports fans, have we've got an update for you! For everyone who has been patient and supported us in the 2019 Calendar Pre-Order, we are throwing in full size, digital copies of the entire calendar and (digital) mobile versions of each month. We can't thank you all enough for putting up with our nonsense, seriously.

Digital copies and mobile versions will be made available the same day we ship physical calendars.

If you do not purchase this Pre-Sale calendar now, all physical and digital versions will be available for sale separately upon actual release.

I (Kelly) stole Clayton's camera until the calendars - physical, digital and mobile - are done. Boy, is he unhappy - but you need calendars and I need to pay office bills. We expect to ship calendars the early December (you will have them before Christmas).

A Few Details

  • Domestic shipping INCLUDED in price
  • International shipping with discounted rates
  • If you are an international order, you must check with your country's import authority if you do not receive your shipment (UK and South Africa will hold onto calendar for additional duties, e.g.)
  • Dimensions: 12"x18"
  • Shipped in an EZ-fold box to protect calendar
  • Calendar does not include boxes for dates
  • If you are buying this calendar only for the dates, you might want to buy something else - just sayin'
  • Cover: Alex Zedra - IG @alex_zedra

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