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Clayton Haugen

2019 Calendar - Complete Bundle

$ 29.99 $ 44.99

This is every-2019-calendar-thing we've got. The big kahuna. Total post-apocalyptic calendar survival. All bundled into rule them all.

By purchasing this baby **slaps hood** you should be able to look everywhere in your home/apartment/winnebago and see the calendar in all it's forms of glory!

Included in this monstrous offer:

  • Physical 2019 calendar
  • Full-size and mobile versions of each month with dates, individually
  • Full-size and mobile versions of each month without dates, individually

It's almost like "everything must go" but with hot chicks, guns, crazy makeup, hot chicks and a large past due bill from Blockbuster.


Physical calendar supplies are limited. When they're gone, they're gone!

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