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No Rest for the Wicked Content Creators

Well folks, the saga continues.

Fair Use

It appears we've caught the attention of some people who are concerned about our work. We're working through the situation and hope to arrive at an amicable solution. After all, we believe we have the right to sell images under current interpretation of the Fair Use doctrine, but not everyone has the same risk appetites as yours truly. Our goal has always been to take awesome photos and create content we'd want if our roles were reversed. We'll do our best and will stick to our guns to keep that promise to you.

Shadow Bans

We had mentioned in a prior post that we suspect Clayton's Instagram page has been shadow banned. In order to "fix" our engagement and views, we'll be switching the page back to "personal" instead of "business." Frankly, there's no point in being a business page since we were denied an Instagram Shop. We also had a rough go with Facebook/Instagram ads but will likely sharpen our pencils and try again. 


We've completed our trek through terabytes of photos and have created a catalog of all the images suitable for sale. There's hundreds. They're awesome. It's been quite a journey the last few years and we're excited to give our fans the opportunity to buy the photos you all came to know us for. That said, the way some of these photos were taken might not work for phone cases (of any brand) and won't be available in the shop. We may have a solution but will have to do some product testing.

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