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Continuing Engagement

Howdy everyone. Thanks for sticking around. I'd like to take some time to address forthcoming changes to the website, future images & products and what we're doing to make life more awesome for our customers.

Uploading Old Instagram Images

We'll be slowly adding some oldy-but-goodies to the website over the coming year. The process will limit us to a couple images added per week since we've got to be careful about prior agreements and arrangements with models. Believe it or not, modeling agencies don't like, at all. When we started the Instagram, one of our models was threatened to be dropped for using an image for our photoshoot in her portfolio because it had a gun! SAD.

From there, it was all down hill and we don't work with agencies unless approached. Those gatekeepers are pretty much dying off and being replaced with a different breed of agency, which is just fine with us.

New Products

We want to give our customer what they want. Would you guys want the images on shirts? Mugs? We're open to your demands! Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully Elon is reading this because we've got some images that would look great on the side of those Falcon 9 rockets.

We're also working on formatting images for Samsung phones - fading image edges, etc. - and looking for other phone case providers. There's many out there but it's more about the product's quality control. 

European Store

In the works, as part of our planned general update to the website, is the addition of a European store. The vendor who makes the phone cases and posters has a presence in the EU which allows us to ship to our European, African and Asian customers with cheaper, faster shipping and without import duties. 

Blog Post Comments

Somehow, comments were turned off for our blog posts. We didn't realize that was the case. The Renewed Beginnings post was very popular - both from IG and our first newsletter - but we missed the fact that comments were off. Honestly, we should have checked the settings from the start but..hey...we're learning!

Product Reviews

We'll be asking everyone for product reviews in future emails when our customers purchase things. It's a great way to get feedback on what we're doing here and are always looking for your input. Be sure to leave a review if you've bought one of our products!

Fan Artwork 

We've recently feature fan artwork in our newsletters and would like to dedicate a page to the work. It's great for engaging our customers and we think people using our images for their own interpretations of our work is pretty fucking sweet. Got some fan artwork? Tag us on IG or drop us a line through the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page.

YouTube Channel

Over the years, we've posted a bunch of our short films that IG follows love. We'll be creating a YouTube channel to post the shorts, behind-the-scenes videos and maybe some kind of podcast deal. Who knows what you may find! 

Also, if you live in the Phoenix metro area and are interested in following us around on photoshoots to shoot BTS stuff, use the Contact Us button. Think of it as a kind of internship. Or you just want to follow us around.

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