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2020 Calendar Changes

As noted in Clayton's post on Instagram:

This year was always going to be the last calendar we did, and as such the goal was to try something challenging and innovative. Given our love of science fiction and the genre of “cyberpunk” it seemed appropriate to make a work of art centered around that theme.

After pitching the idea in various posts and emails- the reception seemed strong enough to move forward, but in the end, the performance of the product was just not there and the sales were not near enough to justify the final phases of completion.

During this final window of production, I had hoped for a breakthrough or some kind of revelation to solve the problem, but unfortunately the time has come to make a final decision. It's my regret to inform our customers that what we wanted to accomplish will just not be possible this year.

To remedy the situation as best I am able, I will still be offering a more simple and classical version of our calendar, but if however you bought the calendar specifically for “cyberpunk” please lookout for an email with a link and option to receive a refund for your purchase.

As mentioned, this will be the last calendar, and some of the last images I make for this account as I am moving on to other areas in life.

Thanks all.


The following text was sent in an email to those who purchase the 2020 Calendar Pre-Sale bundle:

It is with regret we announce the 2020 Cyberpunk-themed Calendar will not be released. After months of working through different directions with the available resources – personnel, partners, supplies and funds – we are unable to complete the product at the level of quality we strive for. We will be releasing a different 2020 Calendar with (mostly) photos from Clayton’s Instagram and will also include a few unreleased images. The theme will be of our “normal” variety – hot chicks with guns shot by Clayton, with all the juicy details our fans love.

As a customer who has purchased the cyberpunk-themed calendar, we would like to offer you a choice:

  • Full Refund – we will give you a full refund of your purchase, no questions asked.
  • If you choose this option: please reply to this email with your order number, asking for a refund.
  • Exchange for other 2020 Calendar – we will ship you the Instagram-themed calendar and give you all of the same digital goods promised, you won’t receive anything cyberpunk-related.
  • If you choose this option: please reply to this email with your order number and note “exchange/new calendar is fine/you guys are mildly incompetent but I’ll take the new calendar” or something affirming that you would still like a calendar. 

The 2020 Calendar will be the last calendar we produce. If you signed up for email updates, you will see emails come across for the new calendar. If you would like to wait until you see a few demo photos, that’s fine with us. Those will start arriving within a week.

Finally, We would like to thank all of our customers, supporters and fans for all the years of encouragement, laughs, trolling by jealous ex-girlfriends and feedback on the work we’ve produced. The Instagram will stay live until we’re kicked off because SJWs are shit.

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